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ImmPlay / Toys Talk is setting out to prove that you can build a successful global business out of fun and games! With headquarters in USA, Brazil, and China, Toys Talk Immplay has a global presence in over 20 countries with the creation and development of high-quality and high-tech toys for children.
For the 2015 collection Toys Talk has developed a new range of products that really has the wow factor and offer something new and unique to the industry with highly innovative mobile interaction and strong content.

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Collection 2015/2016

Monsteel explores the comic side of evil, presenting 05 clumsy and funny monsters who will face their deepest fears to become real super heroes. After losing their popularity as famous monsters, Drac Lord, Miss Monster, Frank Star, Silly Wolf and MC Mummy will now have to get a job!

Funny creatures like witches and wizardfrogs are the inhabitants of a modern world enchanted with magic wands and potions. The five elements of magic (water, earth, air, fire and energy) will be crucial as the story unfolds with characters trying to find their way through this unique land.

Cuddly bear goes hi-tech! Snow is always ready to play and read. The plush toy interacts with your child, smart devices, Snow & Stella books and many other products to come. Interactive Snow can sing, tell jokes and also plays with your child and the App. Snow loves to make friends, so social skills are surely reassured!

Dino Mundi Immersive Play combines physical and digital worlds. You can build a Tech Jurassic game by simply pointing your smart device to dinosaurs, cards and racetrack elements. Experience gaming rush on a physical toy! Assemble racetrack, create your own Prehistoric world and enhance your fun by downloading the Free Dino Mundi App.

Spark Dogz explores the universe of Dogs in a fun and intelligent way. Each Spark Dogz has its own distinct personality but they all share an irreverent sense of humour, a passion for music and some human-like habits. The original product is a toy with voice recognition and has sold over 500,000 pieces in 22 countries.

Endeavor company since 2014

Endeavor is leading the global movement to catalyse long-term economic growth by selecting, mentoring and accelerating the best high-impact entrepreneurs around the world. In 2014 Toys Talk was one of the 05 Brazilian companies selected to receive such support among over 3000 candidates.

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